Starting from the academic year 2022-2023, Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management together with the Faculty of Business offersBachelor of Engineering in Financial Technology and Integrated BBA Programme Double Major Programme (金融科技學及工商管理學士綜合課程工程學士雙主修課程).

The Integrated BBA programme (IBBA) is the largest and most popular business programme. The IBBA provides students with the greatest flexibility to pursue comprehensive, integrated and high-quality business education. Complementing the coursework are frequent exposure to real business scenarios, well-connected leaders and bright entrepreneurs in the region. Graduates from the programme are ready to tackle the near-constant emergence of new business models, and excel in a diverse range of professions.

The Financial Technology programme (FinTech) aims at providing students with essential knowledge to apply new technology, especially information technology and data science techniques, to a variety of financial services. Students can derive and develop financial and managerial insights from big data, design and engineer innovative solutions to meet financial service needs, optimize financial decisions in complex business environments and understand and analyse the social, economic, security, and legal impact of their solutions.

The two major programmes have natural complementarities. While FinTech major equips students with the technical knowledge in designing and implementing FinTech solutions, extensive trainings in various business areas in IBBA major can help students identify the most suitable areas to apply such solutions, realising full potentials of financial technology. Our students from the proposed Double Major Programmes will be highly sought after by banks, financial institutions, and other organisations offering related services.