Students of the 4-year Bachelor of Engineering Programme in FinTech are eligible for application for the DDP. The programme will not be made available to advanced-standing students, senior-year entrants, or students admitted to CUHK through the National Colleges and Universities Enrolment System (全国普通高校统一招生计划). Up to two students from CUHK and two students from PKU will be selected for each intake.

CUHK applicants should meet the following requirements:

For JUPAS applicants, they must have achieved 5* or above in Mathematics (compulsory part) or Mathematics Module 1 (Calculus & Statistics) or Mathematics Module 2 (Algebra & Calculus).  For Non-JUPAS applicants with international qualifications, they must have achieved excellence in their mathematics subject. Furthermore, the applicant must be a Hong Kong resident who is eligible for applying 港澳居民來往內地通行證 (also known as 回鄉證) and studied in a Hong Kong middle school.

A joint selection committee consisting of representatives from both universities will be established to shortlist and interview students who want to join the DDP.  For CUHK FinTech Major students who want to participate in the DDP, they will be interviewed by the joint selection committee in mid-August after they are formally registered as CUHK students.  The interview with PKU students for the DDP will be scheduled with PKU.